My Work


I study plants, pollinators, and the interactions between them in the Canadian High Arctic. In particular, I am interested in describing a plant-pollinator network on Victoria Island, Nunavut, and determining the diversity of species and interactions within that network.

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Vinko teaching science communication skills at a laboratory retreat.


Interested in learning how to engage in effective science communication? I teach workshops on SciComm! We will cover ways of eliminating jargon from your writing and presentations, how to define your audience precisely and set communication goals, data visualization, and much more!

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Science Communication

I love telling science stories and inspiring others to explore careers in STEM. I have participated in many science communication and outreach initiatives such as Skype-a-Scientists and Letters to a Pre-Scientist. Among other things, I am a tour guide at an insect museum, and I highlight biodiversity through my Instagram account!

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Amateur Photography

Though I am not a professional, I do enjoy macro photography when I have spare time. My favorite subjects are flowers and insects but I occasionally try my hand at portraiture and landscape photography.

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