Who am I?

Vinko Culjak Mathieu in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut

Hello! I’m a Master’s student at McGill University and the Lyman Entomological Museum where I study the temporal dynamics and diversity of plant-pollinator interactions in the Canadian High Arctic. My research focuses on arctic plants, the insects that visit them, and how the interactions between the two are structured across time and space.

Outside of the lab, I’m active in many science communication and outreach initiatives such as Skype-a-Scientist, the McGill Bee Club, and Letters to a Pre-Scientists. I also give public lectures on entomology and ecology, I speak to about a dozen middle school classes every year about careers in STEM, I give tours of the Lyman Entomological Museum, and I use my Instagram account to highlight the diversity of insects and plants.

When I get the chance to relax, I go out hiking, camping, and photographing flowers and insects. But, when I am stuck inside I kick back by doing embroidery or creating linocut prints of insects.

Want to know more about me? Then check out my C.V. below.
Curriculum Vitae – Updated January 31, 2020